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Fibre Channel

Storage Area Networking is a term used to describe one of the most popular uses of Fibre Channel. While the benefits of SAN have been long apparent, it was only with the advent of Fibre Channel that massive adoption of open SAN topology became feasible.


SCSI is based on an older, proprietary bus interface called Shugart Associates System Interface (SASI). SASI was originally developed in 1981 by Shugart Associates in conjunction with NCR Corporation. In 1986, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ratified SCSI (pronounced "scuzzy"), a modified version of SASI. (As a bit of trivia, Apple Corporation was an early adopter of SCSI, and unsuccessfully promoted the idea of "sexy" as an alternate pronunciation for the standard.) SCSI uses a controller to send and receive data and power to SCSI-enabled devices, like hard drives and printers.


Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the logical evolution that satisfies the enterprise data center requirement of scalability, performance, reliability, and manageability, while leveraging a common electrical and physical connection interface with Serial ATA (SATA). This compatibility provides users with unprecedented choices for server and storage subsystem deployment.