Breakthrough Systems, Inc.


Real Business Benefits
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Consolidation
  • Speed: Rapid data recovery, support for multiple concurrent sessions, & disk-to-disk is faster than traditional tape backup
  • Archiving
  • Fast Deployment
Xtreme Performance
  • Accelerates backup application performance
  • Delivers aggregated backup speeds
  • Near wire-speed performance
  • Supports multiple storage interface technologies (pSCSI, iSCSI, FC SCSI, SAS)
Xtreme Reliability
  • Media emulation- choose appropriate level of data protection
  • Reliability of disk
  • Wide range of qualified hardware platforms
  • Eliminate aborted backup runs
  • Eliminate read retries to recover data
Xtreme Extensibility
  • Concurrent replication to physical tape volume
  • Offline replication to physical tape volume
  • Offline replication to secondary (remote) storage
  • Virtual tape volume event-triggered OEM custom post-processing “plug-ins”
  • OEM/VAR-specific plug-ins for niche markets
  • OEM/VAR branding
  • Compatible with major backup and HSM applications and devices

Xtreme Emulation Available VTL-X configurations offer emulation of popular tape drives covering the SMB through the enterprise markets:
  • Single or multiple tape libraries emulated in a single hardware platform
  • Multiple heterogeneous drive types supported in a single library configuration
  • Extensive tape drive command emulation, not just Inquiry string mock-up
  • Full emulation of plug-and-play device discovery
Xtreme Scalability
  • Virtual device configurations available from single tape drive through enterprise level with multiple libraries and numerous tape drives
  • Virtual tape volumes storable on any filesystem or assortment
  • Firmware runs on "off-the-shelf" rack-mount
  • Firmware easily adaptable to OEM custom hardware platform
  • Maximum-performance configurations scale linearly
  • Both fixed and dynamic configurations of tape drives and library systems supported
  • Virtual tape drives can be dynamically added to or removed from virtual library on demand during execution

Download the PDFScalable High-Performance Virtual Tape Library Create complete virtual tape library solutions for your customers – cost effectively

The VTL-X Virtual Tape Library is a scalable OEM/VAR solution you can use to meet your customers' needs for high-performance data protection and storage management. Instead of spending years developing a VTL solution for your customers, use VTL-X Virtual Tape Library software to get your solution to market in record time - and deliver it under your own brand for a wide range of niche markets. VTL-X eliminates the typical integration headaches.

With the VTL-X data-protection solution, you can deliver powerful backup and restoration functionality to your customers cost effectively, using commodity, off-the-shelf hardware. With VTL-X's extreme performance, your customers get the scalability and flexibility they need, at speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional tape-based systems.

The VTL-X family supports both Fibre Channel and iSCSI interfaces, as well as any disk technology or filesystem for virtual tape cartridge storage. Coupling BSI's ultra-high-performance tape drive emulation technology with the latest high-speed SATA or SAS RAID disk storage allows you to deliver a powerful data-protection product with ground-breaking price/performance.