Breakthrough Systems, Inc.


Real Business Benefits
  • Achieves Recovery Point Objectives via Rapid Recovery - Protects data from soft errors such as accidental deletions, corruptions, and viruses, and ensure transactional integrity/consistency of databases.
  • Offers Continuous Data Protection for Direct Attached Storage - Provides continuous replication of data from a remote or satellite office to a centralized Storage Server over a LAN or WAN connection. This unique solution is perfect for centralized data protection and management.
  • Delivers Improved Disaster Recovery Capabilities via Replication Solution - Reliably replicates database or messaging system's mission-critical data from a primary site to a secondary site over IP, to ensure immediate, granular recovery from primary disk and site failures and achieve continuous business operations in the event of a disaster.
Xtreme Performance
  • Delivers aggregated speeds up to 380 MB/s per 4Gbs FC port; 95 MB/s per gigabit iSCSI port
  • Supports multiple storage networking interfaces for multi-path performance and failover configurations
Xtreme Scalability
  • Configure as a single large or multiple smaller disks
  • Flexible mapping of virtual disks to physical block storage
  • VDS-X configurations available from single disk drive through enterprise level, 1000+ disks (expandable to limits of hardware components
  • Software runs on "off-the-shelf" rack-mount or blade server hardware platforms
  • Adaptable to OEM custom hardware platform for high-volume products
  • Maximum performance configurations scale linearly with actual hardware configuration up to large enterprise-class systems utilizing multiple hardware platforms
  • Virtual disk drives can be created/deleted dynamically on demand
  • Configurable LUN mapping to control visibility of virtual disks to different initiators

Xtreme Reliability
  • Media emulation can select appropriate level of data protection for the virtual disk volumes (VDV): RAID level, remote replication, etc.
  • Wide range of qualified high-availability hardware platforms are supported with hot-swappable components and redundant cooling and power from IBM, Dell and other major commodity hardware vendors
  • Enclosure services and operating environment monitoring
Xtreme Extensibility
  • BSI device configuration management and operational control management GUI or API for custom GUI
  • Unified data representation model can integrate and bridge between SAN and NAS environments in a single appliance
  • Customizable "plug-in" interface for various block-level services such as encryption, compression, heterogeneous replication, etc.
  • OEM/VAR application specific plug-ins for niche market
  • OEM/VAR branding

Xtreme Emulation
  • Full SCSI disk device command set implementation
  • Interface support for standard disk fault monitoring protocols (e.g. S.M.A.R.T.)
  • Full emulation of plug-and-play device discovery
  • Full emulation of plug-and-play device discovery

Download the PDFScalable High-Performance Virtual Disk Subsystem Create complete virtual disk solutions for your customers cost effectively

The VDS-X Virtual Disk Subsystem is a scalable OEM/VAR solution you can use to meet your customers' needs for high-performance data protection and storage management. Instead of spending years developing a disk appliance solution for your customers, use VDS-X software to get your solution to market in record time and deliver it under your own brand for a wide range of niche markets. VDS-X eliminates the typical integration headaches.

With a VDS-X virtual disk solution, you can deliver powerful functionality to your customers cost effectively, using commodity, off-the-shelf hardware. Along with ultra-high performance, your customers get the scalability and flexibility they need, at speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional physical disk systems (for example, JBOD). In addition, VDS-X supports multi-path access to virtual disks to provide scalable performance and fail-over management by the host computer.

The VDS-X product supports both Fibre Channel and iSCSI interfaces, as well as any block storage technology, including the new high-speed SATA RAID disk storage. Combining BSIs ultra-high-performance disk emulation technology and the latest high-speed SATA RAID disk storage allows you to deliver a powerful product with ground-breaking price/performance to your customers.