Breakthrough Systems, Inc.

Firmware Foundry™

Firmware Foundry™ is comprised of object-based feature sets and architected interfaces around such selectable features as:
  • Transport protocol
  • Real-time OS primitives
  • Hardware component interfaces
  • Compiler toolsets
  • SCSI command processing
  • SCSI I/O task management
  • Device emulation and virtualization
  • Choice of SCSI, FC SCSI, iSCSI, and SAS Target Mode Drivers for QLogic ASIC and HBA
  • All leading CPUs supported
  • Most common Embedded general purpose Operating Systems supported
  • SCSI device-type-specific command sets supported
  • Full standards-compliant implementation of most SCSI commands
  • Full-featured zero-copy DMA memory buffer management and data transfer APIs
  • Installation and testing on your hardware controller included
  • Basic interface verification and plug-and-play testing provided
  • Full ANSI C source code available

Reduce engineering costs, development time, and risk
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Reduce firmware development & test costs
  • Reduce troubleshooting time & expense
  • Reduce risk of misinterpreting SCSI standards
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Advanced multi-port, multi-target, multi-LUN, logical unit support
  • SCSI virtual device manager, API, and GUI
  • Device configuration parameter manager
  • High-performance SCSI I/O accelerator
  • Fibre Channel SANmark© certification testing
  • Full plug-and-play testing: OS level, application level
  • Interoperability testing: Windows, Solaris, Linux hosts, HBA, switches, etc.

Download the PDFAccelerate development of your storage devices and subsystems

Firmware Foundry™ provides storage OEMs bringing to market hardware or software offerings with an option for dramatically faster time-to-market for the failure to achieve plug-n-play firmware portion of their product, while at the same time reducing schedule risk and ensuring product quality and stability. The embedded firmware in any storage device must carefully comply with all SCSI-based standards, making firmware an almost impossible way to differentiate your product in the marketplace - unless you miss critical requirments

Much in the same way that operating systems, compilers, and BIOS represent the most fundamental layers of software in a PC, the embedded firmware generated with the Firmware Foundry™ provides the most fundamental software layer of any storage-related product. Given the extensive importance on adherence to various industry standards, the only opportunity OEMs have to differentiate their products in the marketplace by developing their own firmware is by doing it poorly. The resultant quality lapses and delayed time to market will certainly differentiate their products.

Embedded storage firmware has joined many other component categories like BIOS, operating systems, and compilers as system components that are consistently bought, not built from scratch each time.