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Breakthrough Systems, Inc.

Corporate Profile

Breakthrough Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of embedded firmware and software for the storage industry. For over a decade, Breakthrough has been the de facto supplier of a full range of fundamental components such as semi-custom target mode and initiator drivers for SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, SATA, and the only independent SANMark©-certified Fibre Channel stack, as well as upper-level protocol stacks for SCSI. Breakthrough also provides higher level offerings including disk and tape virtualization applications sold through private label OEM partners.

Breakthrough's dominance in this space is driven by its unique Firmware Foundry™ automated software foundry system. The Firmware Foundry™ relies on an advanced object-oriented software architecture coupled with an extensive metacode library of modular components that allows for quick building and testing of the various functional combinations and permutations required at the firmware level. This enables a storage component provider or system OEM to bring their storage product to market quicker and without the engineering schedule and quality risk associated with developing net new firmware for every new product or configuration. Systems and devices that base their firmware on the Firmware Foundry™ can evolve cleanly and quickly to leverage new standards and component technology, while maximizing code reuse from stable, robust products. View a sample of the scope of available metacode.

Some of Breakthrough's customers include: Quantum, Sony, Exabyte, ADIC, Revivio, Iomega, Fujitsu, Seagate, Overland Data, and Symantec.

Breakthrough also offers extensive customization and engineering services in designing, debugging and delivering on-time interface products across the full spectrum of the storage industry. Contact us to find out the economic, quality and time to market benefits of our semi-custom approach to storage firmware.