Breakthrough Systems, Inc.

Industry Alliances

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is dedicated to driving future storage industry standards, best practices, and education. Throughout the last two decades, the maturation of the storage industry has paralleled the increasingly mission critical nature of electronic information. As a result, complex storage infrastructures have evolved.

The SNIA is focused on easing end-user challenges through high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership, and promoting storage standards. To achieve this, the SNIA runs a coordinated series of activities throughout North American in addition to supporting its worldwide affiliates to provide a central source of unbiased knowledge.

The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) is a mutual-benefit non-profit international organization of manufacturers, system integrators, developers, vendors, industry professionals, and end users. The FCIA is committed to delivering a broad base of Fibre Channel infrastructure technology to support a wide array of applications within the mass storage and IT-based arenas. FCIA working groups and committees focus on specific aspects of the technology, targeting both vertical and horizontal markets including data storage, video, networking, and storage area networking (SAN) management.

The SCSI Trade Association was formed in 1996 to promote the use and understanding of small computer system interface ("SCSI") parallel interface technology.